I Thrive Naturally Submitted Photos and Reflections

I was so happy to discover the nature right off campus and to get some fresh air! This is an attempt at a fairy house 🙂 - Ella

fairy house of mushrooms
Pink to purple fruit

Very relaxed and happy! It's right by a little creek and I love the sounds it makes, and I thought these berries were super cool. - Summer

Fallen tree giving rise to new trees

This is a photo of a tree that, although it had fallen, still had roots in the ground and continued to grow upwards. It excited and fascinated me, reminding me of how cool and resilient nature is. - Arcadia

Swag bag for raffle drawing

Thank you to all who submitted photos last week for I Thrive Naturally.  The first week's random drawing for the SWAG BAG goes to Niko.  The drawing for the second week will be the evening of Oct. 2nd, so it isn't too late to submit photos taken in the second week.  There are still three activities left, Farm Friday, Green Roof Cleaning, and Mushroom Mania.  Or...Sunday looks like it will be a beautiful day, so submit a photo of yourself in nature or of the nature around you as you take a break from studying.  And there is still one Swag Bag left.

Many thanks to UConn Rec, SHaW-Mental Health, and the Office of Sustainability for their donations to the swag bag!

I was sitting down to take a break and admire this pretty flower that I saw while hiking and this little bee came up to it and hung out with me for a few minutes. I don’t know how to put this feeling into words but it kind of made me realize that we are completely different beings with different goals and lives and everything, but we both stopped to rest with this flower for a few moments. It was a quiet magical moment. - Karina

Bee on flowers, Gruyère, Switzerland

Gruyère, Switzerland

Passiflora in UConn Botanical Conservatory

This gorgeous passiflora was hiding in the back of the greenhouse and I would have never seen it if I had not looked close enough. This interaction made me reflect on life and how fast days go by. If we do not take a second to "stop and smell the roses" we could miss out on beautiful moments. The art of noticing is something that everyone should take the time to learn because it is truly an amazing practice.- Samantha

Fall morning

The perfect easy trail on a Fall morning, peaceful! - Mittal

Wolf Rock

Wolf Rock, a place of stability in my life. Its enduring presence amid the turbulent sea serves as a reminder of resilience and helps me stay grounded in the midst of life's uncertainties. - Adrían

The sunset made me feel in awe of nature, and though the photo doesn’t do the sunset justice, it gives a glimpse of just how stunning the sky was that night. I felt small compared to the fiery sky, and was reminded of how big the world really is. - Afrah

Mirror Lakeby Afrah.rafi
Students at Sunset Yoga

This was sunset yoga, and I would just say grounded. I felt extremely at peace and in tune with the natural world around me and within me! - Niko

A random excursion turned into a wonderful discovery. The sun was intense and sweat drew my shirt in close. Despite my discomfort, the water foul and frogs and insects lively went about the pond. - Sam, at Osbornedale State Park

River Park